Our Clientele

 Asset/Capital/Mortgage Valuation for Various Purposes

  1. Valuation of some of Union Bank Properties for Bank Consolidation.
  2. Valuation for take-over the assets of the Furniture Division of the Nigerian Construction and Furniture Company Limited, located at Enugu and Onitsha, Anambra State of Nigeria. Client: Nigerian Construction and Furniture Company Limited Enugu (NCFC)
  3. Asset Valuation of the Nigerian Coal Corporation’s properties in all arts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (1981); Client: Nigerian Coal Corporation
  4. Asset/Financial Valuation of South Rivers Steels Limited (Nigeria), Port Harcourt. Client: South Rivers Steel Limited, Port Harcourt
  5. Asset/Financial Valuation of the New Nigerian Newspapers Limited in Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja. Client: New Nigerian Newspapers Limited, Kaduna
  6. Asset/Capital Valuation of the Premier Breweries Limited, Onitsha Anambra State of Nigeria. Client: Premier Breweries Limited, Onitsha
  7. Asset/Valuation of Fabrication Engineering and Production Company Limited, at Issele-Uku, Bendel State. Client: Fabrication Engineering and Production Company Limited Issele-Uku
  8. Asset/Mortgage Valuation of Idah, Dekina and Ankpa Coporatives Union, Property Assets at Ida, Ayamgba, Egume and Ankpa Benue State. Client: Idah, Dekina and Ankpa Coporatives Union
  9. Asset/Valuation of Dan. C.C. Daniels (Overseas) Trade Limited Lead and Zinc Mines at Ishiagu, Imo State of Nigeria. Client: Dan. C.C. Daniels (Overseas) Trade Limited Isheagu
  10. Valuation for commercialization purposes of Nigerian Coal Corporation(s) assets in all parts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (1988). Client: Nigerian Coal Corporation, Enugu.
  11. Asset/Valuation of Allied Livestock Feedmill Limited, Mbawsi, Northern Ngwa, Imo State of Nigeria. Client: Allied Livestock Feedmill Limited, Mbawsi.
  12. Asset/Capital Valuation of Star Printing and Publishing Company Limited, Enugu. Client:  Star Printing and Publishing Company Limited, Enugu. 
  13. Nigergas Limited Emene, Enugu. Asset Valuation comprising – buildings, plant and machinery, motor vehicle, furniture and equipment and tools, floating assets, and goodwill. Client: The Taskforce on Revitalization of Ailing Government Companies Office of the Military Governor, Enugu.
  14. Premier Breweries Limited Onitsha Brewing Plant, machinery and equipment, motor vehicle, furniture and fittings. Client: Premier Brewery Limited, Onitsha. 
  15. Mortgage Valuation of Dalorima Poultry Farm Complex Dalorin, Borno State. Client: Dalorina Merchants Limited, Maiduguri.
  16. Mortgage Valuation of Residential Estate (R of O BP 179) Jos-Bukuru Bred Jos. Client: Chief I. I. Morphy Limited
  17. Mortgage and Capital Valuation of Three Storey (3 floors) Commercial Complex at 1B Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Kaduna. Client: Mallam Abubukadir Abdullahi.
  18. Capital Valuation of Ali Akilu Housing Estate, Kaduna. Client: Kaduna State Government.
  19. Capital and Sales Valuation of Ja’afaru Housing Estate Kaduna. Client: Kaduna State Government
  20. Capital and Mortgage Valuation of Eagle Royal Hote., Abakaliki. Client: Mr. Theo Muoneke.
  21. Mortgage Valuation of Modotels, Owerri. Client: Nigerian Merchant Bank Limited, No. 6 Broad Street
  22. Lagos, Residential Development at Karimo Abuja. Client: Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. 
  23. Universal Insurance Company Limited, Onitsha: Asset Valuation of Company Properties.
  24. United Bank of Africa Asset Valuation of Company Property Assets in Enugu, Onitsha and Makurdi.